Meet our 2019-2020 Fair Board Association

Fair Board Officers
President: Jerry Allen
Vice President: Glenda Meek
Secretary: Laurie Hampton
Treasurer: Sue McIntire







3 Year Term
Justin Clouse
Felecia Allen
Kristi Pimentel

1 Year Term
Irene Denton
Don Pruitt
Glenda Meek

2 Year Term
Sue McIntire
Jerry Allen
Kathi Johnson


Trustees at Large - 1 year term

Jay Campbell
Eric Johnson
Ginger Long

Cheryl Pruitt
Kaye Bailey

Theresa Chedoen
Laurie Hampton
Debbie Rasmussen




Michelle Nyman




4-H Building - Ginger Long
4-H/Open Cats - Laurie Hampton/Sam Smith
Ag Dept - Debbie Rasmussen
Art Department - Bob Grey
Barrel Racing - Glenda Meek
Beef & Dairy - Justin Clouse
Commercial Building & Booths - Sue McIntire
Entertainment - Sue McIntire

Fair Camping - Glenda Meek
Floral Dept - Michelle Nyman
Home Arts - Kathi Johnson  Asst: Theresa Chedoen
Horse - Glenda Meek
Llama Superintendent -
Rock Club - Don & Cheryl Pruitt
Small Animal (Rabbit, Poultry) & Chicks - Kaye Bailey
Small Livestock Goat, Sheep , Swine - Felicia & Jerry Allen
Yesteryear -



Ag Display - Sam Smith/Kaye Bailey
4-H Horse Project - Glenda Meek
Arena - Glenda Meek
Audit - Executive Committee
BBQ's/4-H Breakfast - Sue McIntire/Eric Johnson
By-Laws - Elected Officers & Trustees
Decorations - Sue McIntire
Entries & Results - Kristi Pimentel
Executive Committee - Elected Officers & Trustees
Fair T shirts - Sue McIntire
Fair Vets - Laurie will coordinate, Glenda - Horse
Feed & Bedding - Small Animal - Kaye, Straw - Jerry
Flowers(hanging baskets) - Sue McIntire
Petunia baskets on buildings - Sue McIntire
Planters - water - Kathi Johnson, Debbie Rasmussen
Garden at Main Gate - Leah Howerton, Felecia Allen
Garden S end Erickson/Laura's Garden- Glenda Meek/Silver Spurs
JCFA Garage Sale - Laurie Hampton, Virginia Crandall
Gate Schedule - Sue McIntire
Gates/Parking - Sue McIntire
Grounds Improvement - Jerry Allen/Eric Johnson


Holiday Fair Assoc Booth/Raffle - Kathi Johnson
Holiday Fair Stage Decorations - Debbie Rasmussen
Info Booth/Set Up for Fair - Laurie Hampton/Sam Smith
Kitchen/Bake Sales - Kristi Pimentel
Name Tags - Sue McIntire
Nominations - Laurie Hampton
Photographer - Kristi Pimentel , Laurie Nation - Everyone 
Premium Book - Sue McIntire
Reader Board - Irene Denton & Jay Campbell
Rhody Parade - Ginger Long
Ribbons - Open: Irene Denton, 4H: Laurie Hampton, Tanya
Scrapbook - Kristi Pimentel
Signs - on site - Sue McIntire
Signs - off site - Danny
Silent Auction/Annual Meeting - Laurie Hampton/Kristi Pimentel
Superintendent Handbooks - Sue McIntire, Laurie Hampton




Fairboard | Jefferson County Fairgrounds


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